Turgot Vocational School


 Turgot Vocational School, located in the city center of Roubaix welcomes more than 400 students.

Our aim is to enable all of our students to achieve their goals -that even if some of them meet some important difficulties.

The school offers two educational pathways from the CAP (vocational training certificate) to the Bac Professionnel (equivalent to the BTEC National Diploma).

  • Electrical engineering: the training develops skills on both housing electricity and industrial electricity. This includes the most innovative aspects such as: home automation, wind and solar energy.
  • Business and selling: Here, the school is certified “Lycée des Métiers”. This means that through a partnership with Jean Moulin High School, we provide qualifications from basic Vocational training certificate (CAP) to Bachelor’s degree (Licence Professionnelle).

Students can practice higher level sport, especially thanks to its football training classes.

The school also welcomes teenagers with special learning needs within a programme called "ULIS”. We help them to find the appropriate professional training.

The school also works with the Police Academy. Together, we train young adults aspiring to become police officers.

The school is involved in intensive 12-month trainings in business, selling and electricity for young adults.

The school develops innovative educational programmes especially in the fields of maths, electrical engineering and business.

The school was awarded for many successful achievements: Skills competitions where students demonstrate their technical skills in a competitive environment, research on labeling for blind persons…

The school has developed modern teaching methods based on the use of Information and Communication Technology.